Wireless Fire Alarm Monitoring

Real-time fire alarm monitoring for wireless base stations

We developed this solution, using MAP and the IoT Entity model, in about 3 months.

The solution was developed for a company providing portable fire and first aid stations for use, primarily, in the construction sector.

Created a lightweight, secure and obvuscated MAP Gateway (a software importer) installed in their devices to interact with their main panel. These panels in turn connect to a number of stations around a site and the stations have the fire and first aid alarms. Data from the MAP Gateway is sent to our MAP IoT server and used to update a real-time dashboard and to send e-mail alerts in the event of a fire alarm. Latency for the whole system is less than 5 seconds, i.e. the time that a fire alarm is triggered to the time the dashboard is updated and an e-mail sent to the customer. The dashboard displays list of station and panel faults and uniquely, allows the user to configure the panel settings through the dashboard. So, panels can be updated remotely without the need to visit site. The system has an audit trail to identify who made changes and what changes were made.

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