After reading the API Core Concepts, we also recommend you read through our API documentation.
MAP:Meniscus Analytics Platform. Generic real time analytics platform used for large to uber large applications. Unlimited tier data structure with the ability to readily update the structure.
Grid:Represents a 2-D array of values. Type float.
Sample:The underlying building block used by MAP. It comprises a time and value pair. An example of a Sample is: 12/07/2012 06:45 17.56. Type float.
Sample Array:A time ordered set of Samples. Same as an MCE DataPointList comprising Time, Value. Type float.
Event Array:Represents a time-ordered array of times e.g. Run Stop data. Type long.
ItemId Array:Represents an array of MAP item Ids. Type string.
Point Array:Represents an array of points. A point is a 2-D coordinate with value. Used for defining region boundaries i.e. Latitude/Longitude, Easting/Northing. Type float.
Lookup Array:Represents an array of lookup ranges. Used to determine an output value given an input value range. The lower input value range is inclusive. The upper inclusiveness depends on the mode. If an input value does not match a range, the output value is default or an interpolation of the surrounding input ranges. Type float.
Alarm Array:Represents an array of alarm structures. An alarm is like an event, but has additional metadata. It is designed as a triggering mechanism, either to alert a user to a state or event, and/or perform an automated response. An alarm is unique considering its time, code, severity, and associated item ID. Type string.
Scalar:Represents a single value i.e. Max, Min, Average etc. Type float.
Item Structure:Contains a collection of Items. One Item can have child Items with unlimited number of levels.
Item:Each Item has a Name and an ID. Also has Item Properties including Strings, Booleans, Doubles etc. The properties hold Metadata for the Item. An item can be a RAW Item or a CALCULATED Item.
Raw Item:Derived from the Item. Holds a variety of data types; Sample Array, Event Array, Grid, Scalar, LookupArray, PointArray.
A RawDataProcessor extension can be used for validation and/or cleansing purposes before data is stored in database.
Calc Item:This is a derived Item. Holds the calculated data plus the relevant Calculator Extension ID and the Invalidator Extension ID.
Ticks:Representation of time and uses the C# definition of ticks.
Timezone:MAP holds data in Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) format.
Map Projection:MAP uses a Geodetic coordinate (ESPG:4326) system made up of the WGS84 Geodetic datum (EPSG:6326) and an ellipsoidal coordinate system (EPSG:6422) to plot latitudes and longitude as coordinate units.