MAP Sewer – Smart sewer network decision support tool to predict flows in sewers

MAP Sewer is our high performance, flexible and scaleable cloud-based solution for predicting flows in sewers, pumping stations, combined sewer overflows and detention tanks.

  • Uses real time radar rainfall and forecast rainfall data to predict flows in sewers

  • Uses simplified hydraulic models (WaPuG Simplified Run Off Model)

  • Runs thousands of subcatchments in real time – 5,000 sub catchments, pumping stations and nodes processed in less than 5 minutes

  • Ability to run What If scenarios to test the consequences of changing the network operation

  • Quick to set up and configure thorough the web interface – MAP Sewer dashboard

  • Calculates a whole range of metrics for each asset monitored. Potential to easily add new metrics as required

  • Adopts a data driven approach. Uses pumping station hours run and wet well level data to configure some of the properties for the network

  • Helps reduce energy costs by enabling pumping to be shifted from high tariff to low tariff periods