Analytics Case Studies – solving problems using our analytics platforms

Water Analytics Case Studies

Water Industry Analytics

Meniscus provides water industry analytics solutions for over 2,000 water and wastewater treatment assets.

These solutions process different operational data including: pump/blower hours run; flow; chemical tank level; energy; real time radar rainfall; combined sewer overflows and many more. We deliver these solutions using our MCE and MAP analytics platforms to provide process, energy, chemical metrics and a range of real time solutions integrating rainfall data with operational asset information. These solutions include customised dashboards, widgets and scheduled management reports. Both MCE and MAP have comprehensive RESTful APIs so that developers can readily integrate both platforms directly into their own analytic solutions.

Case studies include:

  • Predicting Bathing Water quality
  • Identifying CSOs and sewer level sensors are that are gererating alerts in dry weather conditions
  • Predicting pumping station flows in the sewer network
  • Delivering a range of complex process based energy and chemical monitoring solutions
  • Rainfall and Flooding Analytics

    MAP Rain in our rainfall and flooding analytics solution that integrates large areas/volumes of real time weather data with your own corporate data. So, we can help you model and predict the impact that weather data has on your business activities. MAP Rain is built on our core MAP platform and is being used by Water Companies, Councils, Electricity companies and more to deliver a broad range of complex rainfall and weather analytics.

    Case studies include:

    • Aggregating rainfall data
    • Identifying dry weather discharges in CSOs
    • Hyperlocal rainfall predictions
    • FEH99 and FEH2013 Return Period Analysis

    Weather is a key performance metric of many assets/services from wastewater treatment through to the number of shoppers in the High Street. However, real time rainfall and similar data sets are hard to process as they combine high volume of data with frequent updates – every 5 minutes.

    MAP Rain delivers the backend processing of this data and then users and developers can use our Restful API to readily integrate MAP Rain into their own analytics solutions to derive their own real time weather related insights. MAP Rain provides the ability to aggregate weather data into geographic polygons such as wastewater catchments or postcodes.

    Advanced Energy Analytics

    Meniscus delivers a range of advanced energy analytics solutions that let users monitor the performance of their most energy intensive processes in a building or site such as; pumping, refrigeration, ventilation. Our IOT analytics platforms let you set up your own calculations to model complex electricity tariffs, real-time energy metrics and benchmarks and much more. Some examples of cases studies we have worked on:

  • Real time, low cost, home energy monitoring
  • Calculating pumping and energy efficiency metrics using 10,000+ hours run, kWh and kW meters
  • Delivering complex process energy metrics to identify the optimal pumping combination on multi-pump pumping stations
  • Complex invoicing solutions for CHP units using raw data collected directly from each unit
  • Calculating chemical use and associated dosing rates based on tank levels on over 50 sites
  • Analytics for Developers and the Internet of Things

    Our IOT Analytics Platforms deliver the back end data analytics for large scale, high volume IOT applications making is simpler and faster to bring these applications to market. These IOT Analytics Platforms deliver applications for hundreds of thousands to millions of ‘Things’ or Entities.

    MAP is our IOT analytics platform designed for large scale IOT solutions. As long as an Entity or Thing has a unique identifier then you can replicate a ‘template’ Entity with one API call allowing you to rapidly create a unique Entity whenever a new user signs up or a particular event occurs. This Entity contains all the calculations and business logic/rules required to process the underlying raw data from the Entity into the information or metrics that you need. MAP has the underlying capability to scale to millions of Entities and delivers a lightning fast calculation of the underlying metrics.

    Hyperlocal Rainfall – accurate, location specific rainfall predictions

    MAP Hyperlocal is built on our MAP Rain solution and is used to predict the path of each 1km2 cell of rainfall for any location in the UK – this is over 700,000 individual cells of data. Twelve predictions (one for every 5 minutes) are made for the next hour and these predictions are updated every five minutes as new radar rainfall data becomes available. This is over 100,000 predictions a second.

    Hyperlocal Rainfall is our Smart City app that uses MAP Hyperlocal to help city residents use more sustainable transport solutions, cycling and walking, by predicting if it will rain on their journey to and from work. It delivers very accurate, journey specific predictions on the time and intensity of rainfall over the next hour so that users can plan journeys around the rain. Available from both the Google Playstore and the iCloud.