MCE widgets update is now available

New MCE widgets update is now available. Makes it even easier to build and display your own analytics

Our new MCE widgets update is now available. This lets users build their own dashboard solutions. Using the widgets, you can build your own dashboards and select the way that you want to display your data. Key features in the new widgets include:

  • New types of widget: Pie chart, Sparkline chart, Scatter chart and Gauge
  • Ability to aggregate data directly in the widget
  • Improved dashboard creation code. Easier to size the widgets how you want and edit the titles
  • Migrated the whole widget codebase to AngularJS, so, it will be much easier to extend in future
  • The MCE widgets build on the existing MCE low-code analytics platform and are designed to give users simple access to their data.

    This is an example of an iframe built using the new Gauge widget code. Electricity values are updated every 6 seconds. The widget updates every 2 minutes.

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