Data Analytics API

Background to MCE and MAP

MCE was originally developed in 2002 as a web based calculation engine built as a separate layer on top of a SQL Server database. The core engine was completely redeveloped in 2008 to improve speed and to deliver real time calculations. The calculation syntax was considerably enhanced to make it possible to create practically any calculation you want. MCE is a proven and established platform used to monitor the operational and energy performance from thousands of assets.

MAP was initially developed in 2014 to overcome inherent scaling issues and the rigid database structure in MCE whilst also delivering several orders of magnitude improvements in calculation speed. MAP is built on top of MongoDB.

Although MCE and MAP are totally separate application they share a lot of core concepts as well as both having comprehensive RESTful APIs to easily allow users to fully integrate complex analytics directly into their own applications and dashboards.

Once you have read through the terms then please sign up for a trial account and we will issue you with an API key.

API Core Concepts

Understand the key principles behind our existing Meniscus Calculation Engine, the original development of MAP. Sets out the underlying data structure and introduces the principles of RAW and CALC Items and Item Types and our Analytics API

API Documentation

This details the Methods available in the RESTful Analytics API. This is a full set of Methods and enables users to completely integrate the setup and management of MCE into their own applications

Getting Started

Allows you to download the full API user guide and create your own developer account

White Papers

Sets out a number of key blog articles that will be of use in understanding how to use MCE and MAP with examples of calculation syntax and more. Also gives access to a Visual Studio project with code snippets