MAP Lightning – Predict lightning risk by postcode sector using real time lightning strike data

MAP Lightning predicts the the path of lighting strikes for the next hour and displays the risk for each postcode sector in the direction of travel. Risks are updated every minute as new real time strike data is imported and the algorithm takes into account the historic strike density per km2 and increase/decrease in strikes over the preceeding 15 minutes.

MAP Lightning is built using the Meniscus Analytics Platform and delivered with our partner EA Technology

Key features of the service

  • Uses real-time lightning strike data updated every minute

  • Predicts the path of strikes using a wind speed and direction forecast

  • Predicts lightning risk for each postcode sector

  • Takes into account the rate of strikes and the historic 10 year strike density for each 1km2

  • Mobile app (iPhone and Android) provides warnings of local risk

Key features of the dashboard

  • Access to real time and historic strike data

  • Lets the user see the same display as seen on the mobile apps

  • Shows the lightning risk for each postcode sector over the next hour. From yellow (low risk) to Red (high risk). Risks dynamically update as new strike data becomes available.

  • Aged lightning strikes over the past 12 hours

MAP Lightning demonstration

Working with EA Technology and Northern PowerGrid to predict lightning risk