MCE Widgets let users create their own dashboards

MCE widgets are small snippets of code that users can create and then use to create their own dashboards or use them in their own applications. They use the MCE RestFul API and the MCE Calculation Engine. A widget creation dashboard generates the code and creates the widget iframe.

  • Widgets are snippets of code embedded in an iframe that access the underlying MCE data- see example set out below

  • Uses a read-only API key specific for your account

  • Use the widget web-page to create your own dashboard and the associated iframes

  • Select the way you want to view your data and then design your own dashboard

  • Flexibility to create your own analytics in MCE and then display them as you wish

  • Choose from a range of different Widget types – Line, Gauge. Sparkline, Area, Spline, Pie, Scatter and Tables

This is the widget code for the graph below.

“ Sites|RealTime Electricity|Electricity use – channel 1|RAW,Demo Sites|RealTime Electricity|Electricity use – channel 3|RAW&mUnitArray=W,W&dType=line,line&mRealTime=1440,1440&mAggregationsArray=false,false&mAggregationPeriodsArray=HOURLY, HOURLY&mAggregationTypesArray=AVG,AVG&mPieAggregationTypesArray=AVG,AVG”