MCE is the low-code Analytics Engine you want when you need a solution up and running in hours – not days

You don’t need any software development expertise….but a little will help! So, anyone can use MCE.

Key Benefits of the Analytics Engine

  • Low-code Analytics Engine. Anyone can use it, no programming knowledge required. Ideal for Operational Analytics

  • Set up any calculation and turn your input data into output metrics. Define Costs, Conversions, Targets, High and Low calculated alerts

  • Includes a range of widgets to provide a really simple way to visualise your data.
    MCE Widgets

  • Build your solution with our web app or a PC based thin client application that connects directly to the Analytics Engine.
    MCE Demonstrations

  • Start simply but develop complex solutions within hours

Operational Analytics solutions built using MCE

Key features that make the MCE Analytics Engine unique


The Analytics Engine maintains a dependency tree of all Items created in the SQL Server database. This allows users to set up multiple tiers of calculated Items so changing one Item will automatically calculate all other Items that depend on that one Item.


The calculation queue is a list of all raw and calculated items that are due to be re-calculated as a consequence of new data being received or an item property changing. Items that need re-calculation (dirty Items) are placed on the queue and removed from the queue once the Analytics Engine has finished that calculation.


The Analytics Engine works with any time series data regardless of the periodicity of the raw data. So, MCE can process raw data every 5 seconds, every minute, 5… 15… 30 minutes etc.


Using the Analytics Engine, users can easily set up alerts for any Item. So, you can send alerts for a single Item to a specific person or send all alerts for a particular group of Items to a specific person. Alerts can include complex calculations as well


Scheduled e-mailing of management reports. Only available as part of an overall hosted service.


A fully featured RESTful Analytics API is available to configure, upload and download your application.


Meniscus Calculation Engine (MCE) contains four levels or Groups of data hierarchy. The top level might be a Company and the second level the Site. The RAW and CALC Items that are the building blocks of MCE are directly associated to the Site.
The third and fourth levels are the Group and Sub Group respectively and these are used to hold a list ot Items.

      Sub Group
        RAW Items
        CALC ITEMS