To identify data gaps in half hour energy and gas data that were causing problems for the energy management software that a customer was using and making the job of their energy consultants extremely difficult and time consuming.


The half hour electricity and gas readings from Data Collectors and imported into the energy management software used by an energy consultant were frequently missing one or a number of consecutive readings. Neither the Data Collectors nor the energy management software was automatically able to identify these gaps.

Meniscus used the energy management software API to extract the half hourly data into our own systems where we set up the calculations to automatically identify these data gaps and then generated e-mailed and management report information to the energy consultant which could be passed to the Data Collector for filling.

Benefits of using MAP

Once an initial Entity was set up and the calculations tested then MAP allowed rapid replication of this template Entity to all other Entities (in this case electricity and gas meters) so that the system was set up and available rapidly. The whole system was automated from the initial data collection, gap identification through to e-mailing and report scheduling.