Identifying the risk of a flood at specific locations in your area?

Meniscus provides software that gives a “heads up” about the risks of flooding at a specific flood risk location. Our service brings together a number of sets of data into one easy to use dashboard and calculates a range of metrics that identify if there is a potential flood risk.

Do you have locations where an early warning of a potential flood risk would be beneficial?

  • We can supply customisable data for any specific location with the high alert limits set from local specific knowledge
  • We can then mail out warnings to any nominated contact
  • We can apply more complex models if required
  • Everything is based on real time data so all the calculations are continually updated every 5 minutes as new rainfall data becomes available

Would a visual overview of likely rain events and any potential flood risk be helpful to you? If so, this is how it works:

    Meniscus software uses and combines a range of data source sets and collates these into one simple dashboard to monitor and predict likely rainfall levels to provide early warning signs of potential risks. The information displayed in the dashboard includes:

  • Current rainfall (updated every 5 minutes)
  • Forecast rainfall for the next 36 hours
  • Antecedent Precipitation Index (API) to calculate ground saturation – uses the last 30 days of rainfall (updated every 5 minutes)
  • Maximum forecast rainfall today and tomorrow
  • Maximum Rainfall Return Period (1 in 5 year rain event) for today and tomorrow
  • River level – if appropriate and if it is monitored by the Environment Agency (updated every 5 minutes)
  • The Environment Agency gauging station river level data is an open dataset and we use the Environment Agency flood and river level data from the real-time data API (Beta)

    River Ouse burst its banks in commnity picnic area

    River Ouse burst its banks in community picnic area