Automated invoice generation and management reporting for CHP units

Meniscus was recently approached by a power company to create an automated invoice generation and management reporting service for their CHP units. The invoices will be based upon raw data sent to the Meniscus servers and include using a range of key variables and unit rates that will be entered into a simple bespoke web page.

MAP came to the fore as it is specifically designed to be both scalable and very flexible.  A comprehensive RESTful API is available that lets users configure every element of the underlying database and to add or delete and update any element of the platform. This API is used to build a mobile friendly website that provides configuration capability, analytics, widget graphs and a data import facility.

Because MAP is deployed on a variety of cloud servers it means any new server instances can be readily available online as users require.


The main benefits when using the Meniscus Analytics Platform (MAP) are:

Ø It enables integration and automation of more complex analytics directly into your services.

Ø It provides a means to rapidly develop and deploy new solutions and services.

Ø Provides flexibility to change the analytics being delivered as a solution matures and evolves.

Ø Provides a means to reliably scale, from a pilot scale up to a full-scale project, quickly and easily.

Ø It is a cost effective way for delivering complex analytics.

Setting up the database

Meniscus will be setting up the database to deliver the invoice information using the actual data uploaded from each CHP unit that uploads data to the Meniscus servers.

An initial ‘template’ site will be created using the most complex tariff structure envisaged. The invoice data from this one site can then be used to test the calculation accuracy using a range of input variables and a range of imported raw data. Once this ‘template’ site is verified then it will be used as the basis for all other CHP sites.

The validation process will be replicated in case changes are required to this template site at a later date.

Importing data

Meniscus will create a bespoke importer to convert the CHP data into the required format for import into MAP.

Bespoke dashboard

Meniscus will set up a simple yet secure ‘one-page’ dashboard to enable staff to enter and update key variables and unit rates as and when required.

Management reporting

Meniscus will set up two management reports. These reports will be run on a scheduled basis (e.g. daily, weekly or monthly).

Formatted output

Meniscus will collate and format the output data into an agreed format which will be forwarded at the end of each month and will form the basis of the invoice data.

Hosting Services

Specific Hosting Services

Ø Processing data received to create the required output invoice format. Raw data files will be uploaded from the CHP units at daily intervals and MAP will automatically process all the available data. This effectively means that it will be possible to view invoice data for the current month at any point in time.

Ø Delivering scheduled management reports.

General Services

Ø Provide server facilities that include the appropriate data backup and failover capability.

Ø Provide telephone and e-mail support.

Ø To carry out reasonable minor updates and changes to the database and associated calculations if requested by the customer.