Hyperlocal Rainfall Predictions

Rainfall prediction app

Rainfall prediction app

Our innovative Hyperlocal Rainfall app has recently been published on the Playstore. We have had 5* reviews and between 100 and 500 installs in less than one month.

We believe the positive reviews are predominantly down to our highly accurate and hyper-localised rainfall predictions. These predictions are updated every five minutes to give 12 new rainfall predictions at five-minute intervals for the coming hour. The predictions are made using a combination of data sets including radar rainfall, wind speed and direction and rain gauges.

The ability to provide such accurate hyper-localised predictions can be somewhat attributed to ground truthing. A lot of weather predictions are based solely on radar rainfall data and although this is accurate to some extent; the radar rainfall data does not usually match the rainfall data that fell on the ground beneath the radar image. This is due to conditions such as wind speed and direction, topography etc.

The benefit of ground truthing radar data is that based on the relationship between historic radar and ground rainfall data, an equation can be derived for any location to manipulate the radar data into more closely matching the ground data. Ground-truthing significantly contributes to enabling us to deliver these highly accurate hyperlocal predictions.