Using MAP for IOT applications

This post focuses on MAP’s (Meniscus Analytics Platform) IoT analytics capabilities for creating IoT applications that can setup hundreds of thousands of entities (or meters and sensors in this video) which are created from a template using a web client application.

MAP is a generic cloud based real time Big Data analytics platform. MAP is a scalable, flexible and lightning fast platform for applying complex models to hundreds of thousands to millions of Entities or Things. MAP can work with any type of data and has a comprehensive RESTful API. MAP is used as a the underlying data structure for several different solutions that Meniscus offers including: MAP RainMAP Sewer and Hyperlocal Rainfall. All of which are processing millions of data points every 5 minutes.

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Examples of IoT Applications built using MAP:
  • SMART Water and Electricity networks
  • Complex WHAT-IF scenarios
  • Monitoring and analytics for large portfolios of meters/sensors
  • Internet of Things deployments and applications
  • Collection, aggregation and analytics of user journeys and devices
  • Integrating real time and predicted weather with asset information

Key Benifits of MAP

  • Can scale to any size
  • Deliver real time calculations for millions of Things
  • Web client interface to configure and manage MAP
  • Deploy and update/change complex models quickly
  • Dynamically change the underlying data structure of your application
  • Saves time – modules provide the core structures for your application

Watch our 1st of 5 videos demonstrating  MAP’s IOT type capabilities