Case study – How short term solar irradiance predictions can increase PV site revenue

Case study – Short term solar irradiance predictions and impact on PV site revenue

This case study summarises the work completed in an InnovateUK collaborative research project. As a result of this work, the project delivered the following outcomes.

  • To use the latest satellite imagery to create solar irradiance predictions for the next 2 hours at 15 minute intervals
  • To understand the relationship between solar irradiance and inverter output power
  • To understand how these short term prediction can increase revenue from Demand Side Response (DSR) schemes
  • To quantify the financial benefits and the break even point in terms of site of PV site
  • Project partners were:

  • Meniscus Systems Ltd: Lead Partner providing the data analytics and processing capability to deliver solar irradiance predictions
  • Open Energi: Providing expertise to deliver accurate, real-time PV-based DSR solutions to DNOs and owner/operators of solar farms
  • BRE National Solar Centre: Responsible for ensuring the system meets the requirements of the PV industry. Providing domain expertise and access/advice on technical solar issues.
  • Cornwall Council: Owner/operator of one of the solar farms used to test and demonstrate the system
  • The project finished in December 2018 and was built using the Meniscus Analytics Platform (MAP).