Selected as finalist for Gravity 02 Challenge – creating micro-climate models

Meniscus has been selected as one of the finalists to go through to the Scale Phase of the Gravity 02 Challenge – looking at creating micro-climate models

We are using our MAP IoT analytics platform to develop a solution to the Bardsley Orchard Challenge – how to calculate micro-climates to increase farm efficiency and productivity. Bridging the link between regional weather measures (and forecasts) and local microclimates – starting with agricultural orchard systems?

So, we are through the Accelerate phase of the challenge and now into scaling and developing the key principles behind the service. Have got a lot more work to do – but a really interesting project to work on and one that offers a lot of opportunities.

Thanks to Deloittes for organising the event and Bardsley Orchards for setting the challenge.

LinkedIn article on the Gravity 02 challenge