Hyperlocal Rainfall

Delivering location specific rainfall predictions every 5 minutes for the next hour

Hyperlocal Rainfall is an add on to our core MAP Rain solution. Using the latest radar rainfall data it predicts the path of the every rain cell (1km x1km) every 5 minutes for the next hour. When new radar rainfall arrives (which is every 5 minutes) it creates another set of predictions so you get the most accurate and up to date predictions possible.

This is the first app to provide hyper-localised rainfall information whilst on the move, along your exact route or specific area. Create your journey and choose if you would like to walk, cycle, or drive and the rainfall predictions will appear along that route showing you what the conditions will be when you get to that point of your journey. Use the app to avoid rainfall by showing predictions if you change your journey start time.

The aim is to provide accurate and personalised information for users so they can make informed decisions and be more confident about choosing sustainable travel options

Hyperlocal Rainfall is now available across the whole of the UK.


Latest News:

  • Coventry City Council: We’re proud to say that we’re working with Coventry City Council. Meniscus provided Coventry City Council with several RESTful API links for them to integrate into their new applications. Coventry City Council are using these links to monitor rainfall along 3 Research corridors around Coventry : A444 from J3 M6 to the City centre, A4600 from J2 M6 to the City Centre , B4027 from A46 to the City Centre. The links will allow them to see what the current rainfall values are along those routes, they will also be able to see the rainfall predictions along their route in 5 minute increments over the next hour. Using this information can potentially allow Coventry City Council to see how rainfall affects traffic flow at certain times, as well as identify whether there are new ways of alleviating traffic my means of route diversions or changing timings on traffic signals. The predictions can further be used to advise the public of possibly using an alternative mode of transport such as cycling or walking as part of the IVMS  incentivisation aspect of the project. To find out more please contact us
  • iPhone Release: As promised and after popular demand Meniscus have now released Hyperlocal Rainfall to iOS. So to download Hyperlocal Rainfall go to:  Hyperlocal Rainfall app for Android  Hyperlocal Rainfall app for iPhone
  • Validation of Predicted Rainfall Forecasts – We have an algorithm which looks at a sample in the Hyperlocal prediction and checks it against the actual rainfall at this time (when the actual rainfall is received). It checks each cell in the grid and compares the values to give a percentage accuracy


Hyperlocal Hotspots are areas around cities or interesting locations where we provide the Hyperlocal Rainfall app free to any user. This allows Councils or companies to ‘open up’ a Hyperlocal Hotspot around their city. Anyone within that Hyperlocal Hotspot will see the Councils or companies branding. Residents have free access to the Hyperlocal Rainfall app.