MAP Rain – Helping to monitor and predict flooding events

MAP Rain is our high performance, flexible and scalable cloud-based solution for rainfall and flood monitoring analytics.  MAP Rain delivers location specific rainfall analytics for any point and any area of interest.

  • Monitor actual and predicted rainfall at any location and receive e-mail alerts for nay high values

  • Calculate Rainfall Return Periods for any historic, or forecast, rain event

  • Calculate historic rainfall calculations i.e. Antecedent Precipitation Index API

  • Apply simplified hydraulic models to any catchment to predict the impact that rainfall will have on that catchment

  • Create your own catchment polygon (s), or store existing ones, and access historic aggregated rainfall for that catchment

  • Display river level data from Environment Agency gauging stations

  • Access Rain Gauge data from the Environment Agency

  • Now available for the whole of the UK

Rainfall and Flood monitoring dashboard
MAP Rain Overview

User Case Studies

Aggregation of rainfall data

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