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As of April 2018, there will be a major change to how the majority of businesses are charged for their electricity use.

DCP 228 – the name of the upcoming regulatory change brought in by OFGEM – will see a modification to the way electricity distribution charges are calculated.

Peak periods are changing

DCP228 changes the way that peak time tariffs work for certain network charges, to distribute costs more accurately across the three time bands: Red, Amber and Green.

The aim is to revise how Distribution Use of System (DUoS) charges are calculated, so that they more accurately reflect the costs incurred by network operators during peak and non-peak periods.

The changes brought about by DCP228 will impact your business’ energy bills and may give you cause to re-examine the times at which you use energy.

What is DCP228?

DCP228 was instigated by British Gas and, following the consultation period and ensuing decision made in September 2016, will be brought into force by Ofgem. It is expected that DCP228 will be implemented no earlier than April 2018

The change will also affect Common Distribution Charging Methodology (CDCM) and how customer tariffs are set. Under the existing CDCM structure, energy consumed during DUoS Red Band (peak) periods is priced much higher than during either Amber or Green (non-peak) periods. However, the new change will mean that charges during Red Band periods will be lowered and raised during Amber and Green. This will essentially flatten the charging structure, creating more of a balance across the bands.

What can i do?

The changes brought in by DCP 228 will increase the need to understand and control your energy usage. Using MCE we can help to detect unusual patterns of energy consumption in half-hourly profile data and send out alerts allowing you to take action

With our MCE solution, users can integrate complex/difficult energy calculations directly into their own applications.

Some benefits of Using MCE:

  • Differentiate yourselves from your competitors by delivering more advanced energy analytics
  • Simplify your back office operations and reduce costs by automating complex analytics
  • Have the flexibility and confidence to offer your customers any analytics they need
  • You control the calculations. Comprehensive web and PC based client applications let you configure the analytics
  • Delivers real time analytics. Upload any time series data
  • Develop new applications and solutions for your customers quicker and at lower cost
  • White label solution for our channel partners

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