Using our Real Time Energy dashboard to work out overall energy used for hot water, central heating and cooking (using an AGA) as well as comparing the cost of hot water using cheap Economy 7 night time electricity for heating water versus oil. Has generated some very interesting information and identified good cost savings!Essentially, using cheap rate Economy 7 electricity is much much cheaper than using oil to heat hot water. Daily cost of £0.3 for electricity against £0.76 for oil. This saving disappears if we use normal rate electricity.

Have measured oil use for heating domestic hot water at 1.3 litres per day against 3.4 litres per day for central heating and a whopping 6.4 litres per day for using an AGA for cooking and heating.

For information we are measuring oil flow using a high accuracy domestic oil flow meter linked up to IOBridge and then downloaded to our servers using a Web Service – and data from our servers is then presented on the Real Time dashboard.