Cloud based Analytics Platform delivering the data analytics requirements for any organisation

Companies collect lots of data and have access to a broad variety of historic and real time datasets.  Once the data has been collected, users want to make use of this data, turning it into something of value or use. 

Our platforms are designed to deliver this ‘something’ as easily as possible.

MCE is built with ease of use in mind

  • Scalability – deploy a solution for tens to thousands of ‘Things’
  • Ease of use – no programming knowledge required. Web and PC Client applications make it easy to set up the data structure and calculations you require
  • Flexibility – a comprehensive RESTful API lets users integrate MCE directly into your applications

MAP is built for real-time processing of large data sets

  • Scalability – deploy a solution for tens of thousands to millions of ‘Things’
  • Flexibility – add properties and metadata dynamically allowing your application to develop as your needs change
  • Power – MAP delivers lightning fast calculation speeds to deliver analytics on demand

MAP simplifies complex tasks involved in merging and calculating multiple sets of data allowing you to create applications quicker and at a lower cost.

How do I use the Meniscus Calculation Engine (MCE)?

  • Set up an Entity

    Set up an Entity. Define the structure for your data and the properties of the Items (Raw and Calculated). These define how the data is processed. Click here for information on Item properties

  • Create your own Calculations.

    Create your own Calculations. For any Calculated Item define the calculations that you want to apply to the data you upload into a Raw Item. Calculations can use data from Raw Items or from other Calculated Items. Click here for examples of calculation syntax

  • Replicate the Entity as many times as you want

    Replicate the Entity as many times as you want. Once your Entity is set up and delivering the outputs you are looking for then replicate the Entity as many times as you need. Important – each Entity must have some unique identifier

  • Upload data.

    Upload data. Push your Raw data to us either by FTP or using our API. New data automatically places all Raw and Calculated Items onto a calculation queue

  • Download metrics

    Download metrics using RESTful API or view in our dashboard or widgets. We have a number of dashboard to view data and widget graphs to create your own dashboards.