We have had the ability to connect to BMS systems running the Niagara Framework for a while now….but not making the most of this technology.

Went to the Energy Event at the NEC today and having spoken with Tridium can see that this is too good an opportunity to miss.

Essentially this already allows us to download data from BMS systems directly into our IPMS database where the Meniscus Calcualtion Engine (MCE) can turn this raw data into any calculated metric that users want. Using our new RESTful web service will allow developers to then extract the calcualted metrics directly from the IPMS database.

So we can developers have a way to extract raw data from the BMS, aggregate it, set targets, apply tariffs, create any metric or benchmark they want ….and then extract this data into their own dashboards….if they want we also have a suite of WCF web services (with a subset of Silverlight Web Services that will allow developers to create their own Silverlight dashboards.