Meniscus Calculation Engine – Energy Management Platform

Cloud based analytics platform that is easy to configure and requires no programming knowledge. Lets you create any calculation you want and apply this to any time series data. Comprehensive RESTful API that lets you configure all elements of the platform. For an example of a dashboard built using the API then click here and login and click here for the complete API documentation.

Some Key Benefits of MCE

  • Platform is easy to configure, to test and develop new analytics.
  • Set up any calculation to turn raw data into information.
  • Comprehensive RESTful API lets you integrate MCE into your applications.
  • No programming expertise required.
  • Gives you complete control over the structure and calculations.
  • Can start simply – but can develop complex solutions within hours.

Some Example Applications

  • Monitoring the performance of industrial and commercial process plant.
  • Delivering analytics for small/medium deployments of IOT devices.
  • Automated alerting against low, high and target limits.
  • Automated data gap identification and filling using complex business rules.
  • Energy and Utility tariff analysis, reports and billing.
  • Fault monitoring and trend analysis.

MCE Demo Account

With our MCE solution, users can integrate complex/difficult energy calculations directly into their own applications. MCE has a comprehensive RESTful API that lets you build your own energy management applications or just integrate specific calculations into your own solutions.
  • Differentiate yourselves from your competitors by delivering more advanced energy analytics
  • Simplify your back office operations and reduce costs by automating complex analytics
  • Have the flexibility and confidence to offer your customers any analytics they nee
  • You control the calculations. Comprehensive web and PC based client applications let you configure the analytics
  • Delivers real time analytics. Upload any time series data
  • Develop new applications and solutions for your customers quicker and at lower cost
  • White label solution for our channel partners