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Home Energy platform upgrade – new Widget graphs

The upgrade to the Meniscus Calculation Engine (MCE) on our free-to-use Home Energy platform lets users create their own dashboards. This will let us phase out the old Silverlight dashboard that requires Internet Explorer. Users can create their own widgets and embed them in their own HTML dashboard in a matter of minutes. The dashboard will then automatically refresh every time you open it and at the refresh rate you entered when you created them.

MAP IoT Entities – Introduction

MAP IoT Entities give you control over the analytics deployed in your IoT application as well as the ability to replicate to tens of thousands of instances. It simplifies the job or turning any type of raw data into the analytics and metrics you want to display to your users. MAP does all the plumbing so you just need to upload raw data and pull down the calculated metrics.

MAP Rain – new forecast alert dashboard

New MAP Rain alert dashboard makes it much easier to keep track of forecast rain alerts for Points and Polygons in your area of interest. The alert dashboard updates every 5 minutes, as new rainfall data arrives, and updates the colour of your Points and Polygons depending on the level of flood risk. The alert dashboard also displays an animation of the forecast rainfall across the UK

Optimize battery storage by predicting power output

Case study – Short term solar irradiance predictions and impact on PV site revenue This case study summarises the work completed in an InnovateUK collaborative research project to optimize battery storage at PV sites using short term solar irradiance predictions. As a result of this work, the project delivered the following outcomes. Deliver solar irradiance […]