Helping Water Companies to improve Outcome Delivery Incentives (ODIs) and reduce energy costs using advanced real time analytics

MAP Rain and MAP Sewer are two real time data analytics solutions that help Water Companies improve quality of service whilst reducing operating costs. MAP Rain lets you integrate historic, current and predicted rainfall analytics into your solutions. MAP Sewer is an add on to MAP Rain to predict flows into pumping stations and sewers.

Overview of MAP Rain

Overview of MAP Sewer

These Solutions help Water Companies:

  • Improve operation of the Wastewater Network by predicting hydraulic overload

  • Reduce Future Flood Risk by predicting sewer flooding

  • Reduce energy and chemical costs by benchmarking performance of pumps, groups of pumps and unit processes

  • Reduce category 1, 2 and 3 pollution incidents by predicting flooding in sewers, pumping stations and combined sewer overflows

  • Provide historic radar rainfall and Environment Agency rain gauge data for any location or catchment

  • Deliver On Demand calculation of rainfall Return Periods (using FEH99 method) for any location

  • Help to improve Bathing Water compliance by predicting pollution impact

  • Use predictive analytics to reducing energy costs in the sewer network by shifting pumping from high to low tariff periods

User Case Studies

Chemical monitoring and optimisation

Monitoring of CSOs and sewer levels

Predicting quality at Bathing Waters

Energy management and saving opportunities for hundreds of sites

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