Meniscus – Delivering data analytics to the connected world

Meniscus analytics software provides high performance, flexible and scalable cloud-based tools to let you to integrate complex analytics into your own applications quickly and easily. Turn your big (or small) data sets into the calculated metrics you need for your business.

Meniscus Calculation Engine – MCE. Cloud based analytics platform that is easy to configure and requires no programming knowledge. Lets you create any calculation you want and apply this to any time series data. Comprehensive RESTful API that lets you configure all elements of the platform. For an example of a dashboard built using the API then click here and login and click here for the complete API documentation.

Meniscus Analytics Platform – MAP. Generic cloud based real time Big Data analytics platform. MAP is a scalable, flexible and lightning fast platform for applying complex models to hundreds of thousands to millions of Entities or Things. MAP can work with any type of data and has a comprehensive RESTful API. A number of industry specific solutions are available that demonstrate the core capabilities of MAP.

Industry Specific Homepages

Analytics for the Water Industry

Integrate MCE and MAP into your applications

Real time and predictive flooding and rainfall information

Integrate Advanced Energy Analytics into your solutions

Hyperlocal Rainfall predictions

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