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New makeover for the original MCE Analytics Engine!

Our original MCE analytics engine has had a bit of a makeover! A new AngularJS webclient and updated Javascript widgets have revitalised the analytics engine. It is just as fast, just as flexible and just as easy to use. However, the new AngularJS dashboard makes it much easier to set up, configure and modify Items. The new Javascript widgets also make it easier to create your own dashboards and to display the metrics you need.

MCE widgets update is now available

We have released a new version of our MCE widgets so that users can build their own dashboard solutions. Using the widgets, you can build your own dashboards and select the way that you want to display your data.

MAP Rain model infographic

MAP Rain infographic showing the number of different flooding and water industry analytics solutions built using the MAP Rain model. Demonstrates the flexibility of the MAP Rain

MAP Solar infographic

Overview of the MAP Solar project. The objective of the project was to provide a way to optimise the integration of battery storage and PV solar power. By predicting solar irradiance, and hence solar power from PV installations, gives solar plant operators the ability to maximise revenues by charging and discharging batteries at the optimum time.

MAP IoT Entity infographic

Infographic of the MAP IoT Entity model available to developers so they can build their own IoT applications using the core MAP calculation framework

Current Hyperlocal Storm alerts

List of today’s Hyperlocal Storm alerts. This is a new MAP Rain service to help predict the impact of heavy rainfall on assets and communities.

Hyperlocal Storm – predicting high intensity storms at any location

Hyperlocal Storm is our new service from MAP Rain that predicts the impact of high-intensity rain events on any village, town. For cities we are can create predictions at the postcode sector level.

Selected as finalist for Gravity 02 Challenge – creating micro-climate models

We are using our MAP IoT analytics platform to develop a solution to the Bardsley Orchard Challenge – how to calculate microclimates to increase farm efficiency and productivity.