MAP Solar – Predicting Solar Irradiance data for any location

MAP Solar applies Artificial Intelligence and a Block Matching and Relaxation algorithm to the latest satellite imagery to predict the path of clouds. So, for any location in the UK, we can predict solar irradiance and help you maximise revenue from your solar PV sites.

  • Increase revenue by optimizing on-site battery storage – predict the peaks and troughs in site power use.

  • Combines the latest satellite images with an AI algorithm to predict cloud movement

  • Use the irradiance data to predict power output from your PV installation. The model takes current rainfall into account to improve accuracy between the predicted and actual solar irradiance values.

  • Calculates cloud cover and applies this to a Clear Sky solar irradiance model to calculate diffuse, direct and combined in-plane solar irradiance.

  • Satellite images are updated every 15 minutes and we predict solar irradiance for the next two hours at 15 minute intervals

  • Get solar irradiance predictions for any location in the UK. Available from dashboard or our API

Conditions of Introduction Offer

  • Rates are exc VAT
  • Subject to our Standard Terms and Conditions – available on request
  • Only available to customers in the South West of the UK within an area bounded between Lat/Long 48.864501,-8.306482  and Lat/Long 53.056250, 2.140332. See image
  • Funded under an InnovateUK Collaborative project

    • Innovate UK is part of UK Research and Innovation, a non-departmental public body funded by a grant-in-aid from the UK government. For more information visit UK Research and Innovation’s website.

      They drive productivity and economic growth by supporting businesses to develop and realise the potential of new ideas, including those from the UK’s world-class research base.

    • Lead Partner providing the data analytics and processing capability to deliver solar intensity predictions. All predictive analytics are delivered using the Meniscus Analytics Platform (MAP).

    • Energy tech partner providing expertise to deliver accurate, real-time PV-based Demand Side Response solutions to Distribution Network Operators and owner/operators of solar farms to more efficiently manage local networks and generate income.

    • BRE – National Solar Centre is responsible for ensuring the system meets the requirements of the PV industry and providing domain expertise and access/advice on technical solar issues.

    • Owner of one of the solar farms used to test and demonstrate the system