The REST web services have been created to give developers simple methods to access information on the Meniscus Servers. Being RESTful, this is carried out using GET and POST http methods and so are accessible from any platform.
Additional setup and structure is defined using other web based tools which use a much more comprehensive suite of WCF Web Services. The function of the RESTful web services is to return the following information
  • Return the list of Sub Groups within a Group
  • Return the list of Items within a Group or Sub Group
  • Send Raw data to Meniscus for a specific item
  • Get Calculated data back from the Meniscus servers for a specific item
  • To create and update Items
  • To delete Items
  • To create and update Costs for an Item
  • To create and update Targets for an Item
Use the link below to create a demo account and try the Meniscus API for yourself

Meniscus demo account

Download the RESTful web Services API guide


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