New MAP Solutions – Cloud and Lightning prediction

Meniscus Systems provide analytical software that provides high performance, flexible and scalable cloud-based tools to let customers to integrate complex analytics into your own applications quickly and easily. This allows them to turn their data sets (big or small) into the calculated metrics that they need for their business.

We have recently added to our range of solutions with our new cloud and lightning prediction projects.

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Areas of expertise:

MAP Rain – Helping to monitor and predict flooding events
MAP Rain is our high performance, flexible and scalable cloud-based solution for rainfall and flood monitoring analytics. MAP Rain delivers location specific rainfall analytics for any point and any area of interest. This helps give customers a predictive heads up on the risk of flooding at a specific location.
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Analytics for the water Industry:
Helping Water Companies to improve Outcome Delivery Incentives (ODIs) and reduce energy costs using advanced real-time analytics by integrating rainfall data with their operational assets.
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Hyperlocal Rainfall – Delivering real-time rainfall fall predictions over the next hour
Hyperlocal Rainfall is an add on to our core MAP Rain solution. Using the latest radar rainfall data it predicts the path of the every rain call (1km x1km) every 5 minutes for the next hour. When new radar rainfall arrives (which is every 5 minutes) it creates another set of predictions so you get the most accurate and up to date predictions possible.
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Analytics for Internet of things – Helping you build any analytics into your applications
Our MCE and MAP platforms deliver comprehensive RESTful APIs that are used to integrate complex analytics directly into customers own applications.
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Energy analytics – Giving you access to Advanced Energy Analytics
Providing tools to optimise asset performance by helping customers identify energy saving opportunities.
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Some new MAP solutions in development

Cloud and Lightning prediction

Asset failure due to lightning strike:
Working with a lightning strike data supplier to aggregate historic lightning strikes across the UK. Delivering heat maps of historic lightning strikes (flash density map) as well as relating asset failure to lightning strike data.
  • Matching asset failure to cloud to ground lightning strikes
  • Identifying assets with the most failures from validated lightning strikes
  • Delivers a heat map of historic cloud to ground strike data for asset planning purposes
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Short terms cloud prediction – impact on network operation:
The project will create short term location specific predictions of cloud cover. The predictions will be looking 1-2 hours ahead and will be generated at 5/15 minute time intervals.  These predictions will in turn be used to create solar intensity predictions and from there output predictions for the PV site. The predictions will be based on satellite derived cloud cover imagery that will be updated every 15 to 30 minutes as new satellite imagery becomes available.

The objective being to deliver a service to help predict electricity output from solar farms and properties over the short term. Benefits being:

  1. To help balance local power fluctuations in the local distribution network
  2. To help solar farms that have fixed output contracts to identify shortfalls and hence have some opportunity to manage this shortfall
  3. To help solar farms that have, or are considering, battery storage manage the battery load better and this in turn increases the opportunities for such companies to enter the National Grids Demand Response programs – hence generating additional revenue.