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Flood Forecasting part 2

A new project has been undertaken by several UK Councils using MAP to deliver specific localised flood monitoring and is currently being tested by Cambridge City Council. This service combines actual radar rainfall and forecast rainfall data and uses it to calculate the maximum rainfall return period for a specific location for the next 36 […]

How Innovative is MAP for Predicting Flooding?

Predicting Flooding Existing solutions for predicting flooding are heavily reliant on the use of complex models that are very expensive and time-consuming to build. In addition, these models can be too complex to readily run in real time conditions. The Meniscus approach looks to replace this by using existing datasets and models wherever possible to […]

Flood Forecasting part 1

MAP-Rain is an existing flood forecasting and rainfall prediction solution based on the proven Meniscus Analytics Platform (MAP) which is a high performance, generic, Big Data, cloud based real time calculation/analytics platform. MAP-Rain is a generic and initial solution for flood forecasting and integrates additional datasets and models from the existing systems, APIs and databases already […]

Hyperlocal Rainfall Predictions

Our innovative Hyperlocal Rainfall app has recently been published on the Playstore. We have had 5* reviews and between 100 and 500 installs in less than one month. We believe the positive reviews are predominantly down to our highly accurate and hyper-localised rainfall predictions. These predictions are updated every five minutes to give 12 new […]

Multiple Regression Analysis Lowers Fleet Costs

Do you have a fleet management system? Does this calculate how much fuel is being consumed by each vehicle and by whom? This is very important information and very often nothing, or not enough, is being done with your information. With the constant fluctuation in fuel prices, it can be difficult for transport companies to […]

Meniscus Systems Limited Shortlisted in Selection Process CivTech

Meniscus received news this week they are through to the short-listed stage of the CivTech ® Pilot 2016. The CivTech® Pilot is seeking new technologies to drive bold innovation in the public sector. It brings together private sector innovation, public sector organisations and citizens to develop more efficient and effective products and services, which will […]

The Unspoken, Gaps in Data

Over the years we have come across a number of problems when it comes to receiving data. One of the common problems is where there is are gaps in data. This can cause problems for the energy management system that you may be using, and make your job even more difficult and time-consuming than it […]

Meniscus Launches Analytics Platform “MAP” on FATHOM Store

Platform turns disparate data into real-time information for the water industry Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire – June 20, 2016 — Meniscus, an analytics software company that provides high-performing, flexible and scalable cloud-based tools for the development of bespoke applications, today announced a new partnership with FATHOM Water Management, Inc. (“FATHOM”). Meniscus will offer its proprietary analytics platform […]