MAP Rain – Helping to monitor and predict flooding events

MAP Rain is our high performance, flexible and scalable cloud-based solution for rainfall and flood monitoring analytics.  MAP Rain delivers location specific rainfall analytics for any point and any area of interest.

Updates in the Works:

  • Update to alerts –  So instead of just red alerts we will have Red (Forecast exceeds high limit within 12 hours of the event) Amber (Forecast Exceeds high limit over 12-hours from event), Clear (Forecast goes below high limit and in that case an email is sent clearing that alert)
  • Creating POI (Points of Interest) and Catchments: So at the moment, customers send us their catchments and points to import into MAP Rain. We are currently working on a way for customers to do this all themselves. They will also be able to set and change their own high limits.
  • Forecasts – We’re currently using a 36-hour forecast dataset which we use for sending out ‘heads ups’ about the risk of flooding. We will be moving to a longer forecast, 5-days – 7-days.
  • Catching summer Storms – We have our own Hyperlocal Rainfall Predictions, here we’re Creating short term accurate predictions of rainfall by ‘tracking’ the path of the existing rain. For every 1km2 cell in the UK we are creating 12 predictions over the next hour as to where the rain will move to based on a high altitude forecast of the wind speed and strength. And then All 12 predictions are refreshed every 5 minutes. This is good for picking up those summer storms. This will be integrated into MAP Rain and combined with the existing datasets.
  • Screenshots Feature – We are busy working on a way for customers to take screenshots of Radar rainfall displayed and automatically download it. This will be a useful when creating reports of historic events.
  • Raster files in GIS – Similar to the screenshot feature, We are looking to implement a way of just saving the image of Radar data displayed which can then be imported into your GIS application and be overlaid onto maps.
  • Simplified menu – We are adding an extra menu to MAP Rain, this will allow users to switch between a simplified menu for beginners and a more advanced menu for customers who have been using MAP Rain for a while.
If you’d like to see other features added then let us know