IoT Analytics Platform for any size of application or organisation

  • Big Data analytics

  • Generic application
  • Real-time and predictive analytics
  • Millions of calculations a second
  • Scales to millions of ‘Things’

  • Create templates for each ‘Thing’
  • Replicate templates
  • Scaleable cloud based structure
  • Extensible and flexible

  • Create any data structure
  • Easily add properties or
  • add new calculations/models
  • Deploy complex models

  • Create complex models
  • Link to external models and analytics i.e.
  • Matlab, R, SWAT
  • Lightning fast speed - analytics on demand

  • Delivers millions of calcs a second
  • Enables complex On-Demand calculations
  • Useful for WHAT IF scenarios
  • Anyone can use it

  • No programming expertise required
  • Simple calculation syntax
  • …or get as complex as you want
  • Set up any calculation

  • Create simple to complex calculations
  • Reference other calculations to build complexity
  • Include C# code for those really complex calcs
  • Easy and quick to configure

  • Simple dashboard interface
  • PC client for detailed work
  • Widgets for creating your own dashboard
  • Import any time series data

  • Upload files via dashboard
  • Push files to our FTP server…
  • ..or we pull from yours
  • Start simply and then develop your application

  • Set up a few calculations
  • Then add costs, conversions, targets etc
  • Create multiple tiers of calculations

Introducing the concept of Calculation as a Service

IoT Analytics Platform delivering calculations on demand. Integrate complex analytics directly into your own applications and dashboards

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