Getting started with the MCE API

The first step is to create a free trial account. This will create a demonstration site for you, with a small set of data, to allow you to start to explore the overall data structure and how the API methods work

You can access this trial site from the MCE Login page using our standard dashboard solution. You will find your Read-Only API key in this dashboard if you want to make your data accessible to third parties. This dashboard includes:

Dashboard set up

The Set up part of the dashboard gives full control to set up all parts of the system

  • Create, edit and delete Sites, Groups, Sub Groups and Items
  • Create, edit and delete new Units, Conversions and Costs
  • Create, edit and delete Targets
  • Apply calculations for CALC, HCALC, LCALC, TARGET and COST
  • Assign Items to Sub Groups to simplify presentation of data
  • Update password
  • Access Real Only API code
Dashboard Analytics

Provides a number of ‘standard’ graphs to give you a view of the data

  • Single Trend graph with Item Types: RAW, CALC, HCALC< LCALC, TARGET, COST and TARGET COST
  • Multi trend graph with ability to trend data from two Items
  • Table – simple display of data in a tabular format
  • Pie chart – trend any number of selected Items in a Pie Chart
  • Scatter graph – includes single and polynomial regression trends with ability to deselect outliers
  • Sparkline graph – select multiple Items and display data in small sparkline graphs
Dashboard Replication

Use the dashboard to replicate the structure and calculations for an existing Site to any other number of Sites

Register for a free trial account

To register for a free trial account click the button below

Parts of the API use GET methods and so can be executed from a browser but some use POST methods which cannot. There is a complete set of API methods in the MCE API Documentation link.