Hyperlocal Rainfall

Hyperlocal Rainfall – Traffic Diversion

Hyperlocal Rainfall is an add on to our core MAP Rain solution. Using the latest radar rainfall data it predicts the path of the every rain cell (1km x1km) every 5 minutes for the next hour. When new radar rainfall arrives (which is every 5 minutes) it creates another set of predictions so you get […]

Download the Hyperlocal Rainfall App on Android and iPhone

Meniscus Systems have officially released the Hyperlocal Rainfall App onto iTunes.

Users can now download the app on:

Android – Google Play

iOS – iTunes

The simple-to-use ‘Hyperlocal Rainfall’ App uses GPS location for point-to-point journeys, to provide highly-localised rainfall predictions for imminent time-windows, allowing users to plan their journeys. Using the App allows them to undertake healthy activities, to save wasted time or dress appropriately – making life better – by using constantly shifting and updated detailed data to predict localized rainfall and rain-free periods. The App can help answer questions such as:

  • Can I cycle or do I have to drive?
  • Will it rain soon and save me watering the garden or
  • do I need to get the hose out?
  • Can I walk the dog now, or a bit later, and avoid ‘wet dog’ syndrome?
  • Can I walk or cycle now without getting soaked?
  • Can I leave my raincoat at home or should I take it?
  • Is it OK to put the washing out?
  • Is today the right day to fix the roof?
  • Do we have a BBQ today?


The main benefits from using the Hyperlocal Rainfall:

  • Predictions are based on actual rainfall that is updated every 5 minutes so they are accurate
  • Allows users to skip forward in time to see if they can delay their Journey start
  • Users can see the predicted rainfall along the course of their Route
  • Can create specific Hyperlocal Hotspots for any Council. This ‘opens’ a window around an area so that anyone can use the app in this area. Specifically created for Councils and Smart Cities so that the app remains free to residents.
  • All API based so information can be readily integrated into your own platforms/services