Hyperlocal rainfall prediction – Winner of InnovateUK Smart City Competition

Really pleased to announce that a consortium, led by Meniscus, has won funding for a Smart City project in a competition run by InnovateUK. Other consortia members are Loughborough University (Design School), Anglia Ruskin University (Centre of Computing), Peterborough Environmental City Trust and Peterborough City Council.

Delivering one of the largest Energy management applications for the UK water Industry

Using the Meniscus Calculation Engine and its associated IPMS database, Meniscus has helped one of the major UK Water Companies set up what is probably one of the largest energy management applications in the UK Water sector and possibly one of the largest across industry sectors.

New RESTful Web Services API for the Meniscus Calculation Engine

Meniscus have just released a version of its core Calculation Engine (MCE) that incorporates a set of RESTful Web Services that will allow users to download data directly from the Meniscus servers into their own applications and dashboards.

New Analytics Platform for smart management of Big Data

Meniscus is launching a new real time Analytics Platform (MAP) for smart management of Big Data. Targeted principally at the Water and Energy sectors, MAP lets users turn near real time data from hundreds of thousands of sensors and meters into the calculated metrics to measure, understand and display the performance of assets and networks.

New Widget graphs for mobiles, tablets and PCs

We are pleased to announce that we have created some new widgets that will allow users to display graphs in any browser and on any platform including Apple and Android devices.

Big Data real time Analytics Platform

Meniscus is pleased to announce that it has secured funding from the UK’s innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board, to help develop a new cloud based, scalable Meniscus Analytics Platform (MAP).

Meniscus Real Time Calculation API Released

We have released the Meniscus Calculation Engine RESTful API on our own Meniscus Support area – click here – and also on the ProgrammableWeb site – click here. We will be increasing our support for this API over the coming months.