Meniscus is pleased to announce that it has secured funding from the UK’s innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board, to help develop a new cloud based, scalable Meniscus Analytics Platform (MAP).

MAP is a highly scalable, extensible calculation engine designed specifically as a cloud solution able to deliver complex dynamic calculations across big datasets in real time and with the unique capability to support ‘What If’ simulations. Imported and calculated data is compressed on the fly to minimise storage requirements allowing for fast access and exceptionally fast processing. A RESTful web service API gives developers the tools they need to interact with the system from any platform.

Meniscus will initially focus the development of MAP towards the Water and Electricity sectors where there is an interest in understanding the near real time performance of the entire operational network. MAP will, for example, allow companies to forecast flooding events across the entire network or allow the real time monitoring of energy use, and associated performance metrics, across all water or wastewater assets.

Funding from the government-backed InnovateUK (formerly Technology Strategy Board) will enable Meniscus to have a working demonstration of MAP ready by May 2014.
MAP builds on Meniscus’s experience gained from the existing Meniscus Calculation Engine (MCE) already in use with a number of Water and Energy Management Companies around the world.