Power Quality Monitoring


To deliver a fully automated data collection, expert system and dashboard solutions for a company supplying power monitoring and stabilization systems for commercial office equipment.


Each individual power monitoring device uploads a regular stream of binary data to a Listener on the Meniscus server. This Listener parses the binary stream and imports the data, using a unique identifier, into the appropriate Entity. If the unique identifier isn’t recognised then the system automatically creates a new entry in the database and creates all the associated Items and calculations.
Rule based scripts are run at regular intervals across all Entities to identify and identifiable issues and e-mail alerts to users. All this information and appropriate trends and power monitoring event information are displayed on a custom built tablet friendly dashboard.

Benefits of using MAP

Using MAP allows the core calculations that underpin the expert rules system to be readily updated. The visibility of the calculations in MAP simplifies and speeds up the set up process as well as simplifies testing. By pre-processing all the calculations as the data is received ensures that the run time for the expert scripts is dramatically reduced meaning they can be run more frequently without impact on the server performance.