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Hyperlocal Rainfall – Traffic Diversion

Hyperlocal Rainfall is an add on to our core MAP Rain solution. Using the latest radar rainfall data it predicts the path of the every rain cell (1km x1km) every 5 minutes for the next hour. When new radar rainfall arrives (which is every 5 minutes) it creates another set of predictions so you get […]

Build your own Energy Management Platform

Cloud based analytics platform that is easy to configure and requires no programming knowledge. Lets you create any calculation you want and apply this to any time series data. Comprehensive RESTful API that lets you configure all elements of the platform. For an example of a dashboard built using the API then click here and […]

Predicting Flows in Sewers to Reduce Energy Costs

PREDICTING FLOWS AND ENERGY SAVINGS IN SEWER NETWORKS – HUNDREDS OF CATCHMENTS IN REAL TIME MAP Rain and MAP Sewer are two real time data analytics solutions that help Water Companies improve quality of service whilst reducing operating costs. MAP Rain lets you integrate historic, current and predicted rainfall analytics into your solutions. MAP Sewer […]

Download the Hyperlocal Rainfall App on Android and iPhone

Meniscus Systems have officially released the Hyperlocal Rainfall App onto iTunes. Users can now download the app on: Android – Google Play iOS – iTunes The simple-to-use ‘Hyperlocal Rainfall’ App uses GPS location for point-to-point journeys, to provide highly-localised rainfall predictions for imminent time-windows, allowing users to plan their journeys. Using the App allows them to undertake […]

Automated invoice generation and management reporting for CHP units

Meniscus was recently approached by a power company to create an automated invoice generation and management reporting service for their CHP units. The invoices will be based upon raw data sent to the Meniscus servers and include using a range of key variables and unit rates that will be entered into a simple bespoke web […]

Identifying the risk of a flood at specific locations in your area?

Meniscus provides software that gives a “heads up” about the risks of flooding at a specific flood risk location. Our service brings together a number of sets of data into one easy to use dashboard and calculates a range of metrics that identify if there is a potential flood risk. Do you have locations where […]

Flood Forecasting part 2

A new project has been undertaken by several UK Councils using MAP to deliver specific localised flood monitoring and is currently being tested by Cambridge City Council. This service combines actual radar rainfall and forecast rainfall data and uses it to calculate the maximum rainfall return period for a specific location for the next 36 […]