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Using Data Blocks and Data Versioning to deliver real time analytics

Meniscus Analytics Platform (MAP) uses Data Blocks and Data Versioning to reduce disk IOPS and deliver the calculation speeds for real time analytics – view the article to see more information

MAP Sewer – automated creation of simplified models

New MAP Sewer capability speeds up the creation of simplified sewer network models. The process uses QGIS and Python scripts to simplify the much more detailed models already developed by the Water Companies. As a result, we create a set of output files that can be imported directly into MAP Sewer.

Optimize battery storage by predicting power output

Case study – Short term solar irradiance predictions and impact on PV site revenue This case study summarises the work completed in an InnovateUK collaborative research project to optimize battery storage at PV sites using short term solar irradiance predictions. As a result of this work, the project delivered the following outcomes. Deliver solar irradiance […]

MAP Rain – New FEH 2013 Rainfall Return Period calculator

We are updating MAP Rain to let users calculate the FEH 2013 return period for any location. This process updates the existing FEH99 return period calculation service and provides API calls to let users embed the calculations in their own applications.

MAP Solar – new service predicts solar irradiance at any location

MAP Solar – our new service that predicts solar irradiance for the next two hours at 15 minute intervals at any location

MAP Rain – rainfall map and analytics for urban areas

New MAP Rain geometry delivers large cost reduction for accessing rainfall analytics data